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themed on play by Ivan Vyrypaev


Performance by the play of modern playwright Ivan Vyrypaev is based on people’s reports contacting a UFO and extraterrestrial civilizations. But first of all, the acquaintance with an alien is an attempt to find a person in yourself and get to know what immersiveness with the world is, what knowledge or searches of your own way in the universe are.

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva

Video designer — Igor Semonov
Light designer — Larisa Deduch


Julia Stepanova
Christina Mashevskaya
Petr Loyko
Alexey Korshunov
Elena Fedotova
Alexey Timofeev
Marina Vikhrova
Andrey Danilov
Tatyana Parfenova
Lyubov Zlobina, Distinguished artist of the Russian Federation
Oleg Zverev

Age — 18+

Duration – 2 hours 20 minutes without an intermission

In «UFO» director Nadezhda Alexeeva and the full theatre’s cast of characters provoke the audience to think what they did so wrong in their lives. Terrans try relentlessly to invent the way for themselves. They find something simpler in simple but it should sound complex. Revelations, recipes, guides, interference of any higher power.

«This is the series of monologues about incredible, innermost and non-specific things. About silence, harmony, contact the outer world and about a self-perception as a part of the universe. And finally this is about the things which are not what they look like»

«I’ve talked with people who were able to talk with the space. We call it «extraterrestrial civilization». I think we are all interested in getting to know which things the «extraterrestrial civilization» or simply put the space can teach us. »
Ivan Vyrypaev, the author

“Director Nadezhda Alexeeva created a very smart and sophisticated performance, where all the actors of Maly theatre has got their benefit performances. On one hand, the expectations could be deceived because an alien will be shown at starting, but then the story of each «contactee» and their conclusions they drew after outlasted intergalactic experience capture attention… Cinema spoils us and gives an opportunity to see the power of alien fleet and galactic monsters as large as life but tells so little about hardships of human nature in case of contact another civilization. The UFO play is of no concern of ray guns and star wars (although Igor Semenov’s visual effects are obviously on high). It cares about a human stories which stand behind each of meetings and it doesn’t matter why one or another character has been chosen, the important thing is that everyone is given a small piece of truth from contact with the universe and it’s a character’s and a viewer’s decision how can they live their ordinary lives after a meeting with the miracle”
«Areas of culture» magazine




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