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action without interval
Nadezhda Alexeeva


This information is intended not for you, it flows are increasing every day creating a spam, a lot of spam, the network that surrounding the world. The two once decide to flee in search of the message, which is intended to them. A new world is not easy for the fugitives, but the goal is so tempting — to find themselves.

«In the empty box of the scene sets emerge from a computer reality too — a white band of television noise, piercing the space behind the heroes, the white stripes of road markings, runaway over their heads, vertically flows of printed text from a set of computer symbols, flying along the wings. ?SPAM? takes in with enormous energy that is flying trough, forcing to watch the common life heroes as thriller, in which you can try to guess the final, try to guess ? who will remain alive in such an exciting pace. Actors Marina Vikhrova and Alexey Korshunov live at full capacity and the severity of the senses during the hour show, their energy and deep loneliness in the information ocean scares and fascinates at the same time»

«Director of performance avoids the instructive tone, representing story of prison break of the person from the world of empty and false information. Searching the freedom from absurdity of dialogue by the Heroes (Alexey Korshunov and Marina Vihrova), empty senses of daily occurrence — all these events are not a travel from one scene to another with «the horror of an information society», but there are series internal, spiritual impulses»

Touring in Bielefeld, Germany 2014

Award «Best director», International Theatre festival «LUDI» Orel, Russia, 2013

Participant of International Theatre Festival «A Dos de Libellule», 2012 (Nanterre-Paris, France)

Participant of International Theatre Festival FIT, 2011 (Lugano, Switzerland)

Participant of NB-International Theatre festival, 2011 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Participant of International Dance Theatre Festival Zawirowania, 2011 (Warszawa, Poland)

Participant of International Theatre Kingfestival, 2011 (Russia)

Award — International Jury Prize «Best performance on topical context»

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage Designer, video — Igor Semenov
Choreographer — Nadezhda Alexeeva, Elena Fedorova

Actors —

Marina Vihrova

Alexey Korshunov

Oleg Zverev

Alexey Timofeev

Elena Fedorova

Kristina Mashevskaya

Age — 16+

Duration — 50 min.




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