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Shakespeare’s Night


On the stage of the theater we will meet the heroes of the great Shakespeare’s plays – the audience will travel to the island of a white magician Prospero from «The Tempest» and into the dungeon of «Richard II»; meet with the characters of «Othello» and «Midsummer Night’s Dream». We will hear songs based on Shakespeare’s sonnets and monologues from «Hamlet».

 «Being cruel and sinful, one blames all his vices on others. Prospero torments Ariel and Caliban, Leont torments Camillo, Queen Mab torments Romeo and Juliet. There is no way out of this circle, this labyrinth. Souls wander through purgatory, entangled in their dreams. The theater is in some ways made for that very purpose – to cleanse ourselves through the compassion for the tormented heroes.

“ ”Shakespeare’s Night” is a mosaic made of the great playwright’s creativity. In a kaleidoscope, every facet has its own color — same as that, we can never see the whole picture at once, just some colorful fragments constantly changing their shape. But altogether they form a magnificent artwork of a famous playwright. It’s not about the size of a happening or a performance itself, but about the writer’s personality we can see through his work. A bookworm and a hermit Prospero, played by Andrei Danilov, engages in intelligent conversations with his daugher Miranda (Kristina Mashevskaya). She is a lovely girl, caring, loving, eager to save the world and all the people. And little after talking to her Prospero cheers with Ariel about a well organized tempest which destroys the ship.”


Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Designers — Nadezhda Alexeeva, Igor Semonov
Music — Tatiana Bobrova
Light designer — Larisa Deduch



Andrey Danilov
Lyubov Zlobina, Distinguished artist of the Russian Federation
Oleg Zverev
Christina Mashevskaya
Alexey Korshunov
Alexey Timofeev
Elena Fedotova
Marina Vikhrova
Tatyana Parfenova
Julia Stepanova
Tatiana Bobrova

Age — 16+

Duration – 1 hours 10 minutes without an intermission




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