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William Shakespeare


The most famous Shakespeare’s play is about love in the heart of war and the tragic death of lovers, a story of passion and enmity. The history of «Romeo and Juliet» takes place in Verona, where thousands of tourists and newlyweds came to Juliet’s mansion today. It’s been made to a Museum, and they wish to confess their love to the heroes of the tragedy and, if lucky, celebrate the wedding on the most famous balcony, where Romeo and Juliet, according to legend, gave each other an oath of eternal love. Juliet Museum is a place of new meetings and secret visits. Juliet Museum is where the play takes place, ruled by Queen Mab.

«Romeo and Juliet» staged by director Nadezhda Alexeeva is something new, energetic and explosive. Main characters of the play do not act accordingly to what experienced public would have thought and maybe even wanted. The characters become one with the public. Their feelings explode and Shakespeare’s play is shaped into a rap, then – suddenly – into recitavive. In general, they behave like all the lovers and young people, who destroy traditions and canons. Daring and young. Ready to die for their ideals and their love.


«In a nightmare everything is possible, and maybe even death will remain behind the curtains, while eternity embraces the past and the present, covering everything with darkness or flooding with light. Nadezhda Alexeeva, Marina Vihrova and the entire acting team have created a visually-sound fresco of the artistic creativity triumph. And it is truly immortal.»


«It is not just a performance made by someone who knows about Romeo and Juliet’s love from the play and who read the story of the great poet William Shakespeare, but the acquaintance with something new. We meet with the same old text «That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet», but we hear it with the XXI century music bit.»


Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Designers — Nadezhda Alexeeva, Igor Semonov
Music — Marina Vikhrova
Light designer — Larisa Deduch

Also uses music: Ezechel Paihes – “Tout va bien”


Marina Vikhrova
Christina Mashevskaya
Alexey Korshunov
Alexey Timofeev
Elena Fedotova
Andrey Danilov
Lyubov Zlobina, Distinguished artist of the Russian Federation
Oleg Zverev
Tatyana Parfenova

Age — 16+

Duration – 1 hours 10 minutes without an intermission




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