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My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree

Angela Nanetti


Once a beautiful cherry tree was planted in the garden in honor of the birth of  daughter. For the boy Tonino, this tree becomes an important and beautiful part of his family — because his grandfather knows how to hear the secret life of trees and believes, because «a person does not die as long as cherry trees continue to live for him.» The boy Tonino lives in a city in Italy, but his beloved grandparents, Alfonsina’s goose and a beautiful cherry tree await him in the village.

The amazing and lyrical book «My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree» was included in the list of outstanding books for children «White Crows», compiled by the International Munich Youth Library, was awarded prizes in Italy, Germany and France, and its author Angela Nanetti was nominated for the main prize in the children’s literature — Andersen Prize.

Translation — Anna Krasilshik

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage designer — Igor Semonov, Nadezhda Alexeeva
Production designer — Oxana Nemolochnova
Light Designer — Larisa Dedukh
Music composition — Tatiana Bobrova
Actors — Kristina Mashevskaya, Alexey Korshunov, Alexey Timofeev, Tatiana Parfenova, Elena Fedotova, Andrey Danilov

Age — 6+
Duration — 55 minutes without intermission




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