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China National Theatre for Children (CNTC), China
Xing Mu


11 OCTOBER, 11.00-00.00 ONLINE

China National Theatre for Children (CNTC), China 



This is a story adapted by one ancient Chinese legend.

Deep deep in the mountain, there was a very small temple, where lived one old monk, as the master, and three little monks, as his students.

One day, the master asked his students, whether they still remember, the reason why they had came to the temple?

So why did they came? It reminded them the scene they just came to the mountain…

The first little monk coming to the mountain was a lovely naughty monk.

All people living in the mountain should fetch water from well by themselves, which is very hard work. The first little monk helped his master do this work, but he fell into the well. Fortunately the master saved him from the well. Since then, they carried water together, chanted buddhist scripture, learned Buddhism together, and lived a simple happy life.

The second monk was a fat greedy monk, who liked Chinese Kungfu very much.

Both of the little monk and the fat monk hoped the other one could fetch water, so that they themselves could be lazy. Then they decided to carry water together, working as hard as each other, and drinking water the same as each other.

The third monk coming to the mountain was a thin monk, who read a long scroll of scriptures very hard all day long.

Now that there are three monks, but who shall carry the water? To fetching water, it only needs two persons to carry the carrying pole, so whoever carry the water, there will be the third one doing nothing.

So however thirsty they feel, they won’t fetch water by themselves, or others would take advantage of the one carrying the water.

One day, the oil lamp in the temple overturned and caused a big fire, which forced the three monks making concerted efforts to carry water fighting the fire. But the water was useless to the big fire. What should they do? Could they save their master and themselves from the fire?

Let us watch the show together and we will know the answer.

Author — Xing Mu
Director — Ernan Mao
Set designer – Juntao Yang
Light designer — Kunhao Fang
Costume designer — Ran Yu
Choreographer — Meichi Liu
Martial Art designer — Jingbo Hu
Composer — Junli Liu
Multimedia — Erwen Bao
Actors – Xiaoming Liu, Yan Tang, Jingbo Hu, Qiang Fu

Duration – 1 h 20 min.

Recommended age  — from 3+

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Founded in 1956, China National Theatre for Children (CNTC) is the only national children’s art troupe directly subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. The first president of CNTC was Ren Hong. Borne the responsibility of inheriting, developing, creating and presenting excellent theatrical performances for the youth, CNTC played an important role in representing, demonstrating and guiding in national children’s drama. For more than half a century, CNTC has dedicated numerous classic and diverse dramas for the audience. Numbers of outstanding artists and performers from CNTC have been highly awarded for artistic contribution in China and the world. Over the past decades, CNTC has created and performed many excellent theatrical works at home and abroad, have been toured in all provinces of China, more than 20 countries on five continents in the world, and built national and international reputation.

CNTC is continuously working on the production of children’s theatre with creation, profession, and the pursuit of ‘All for Children’.


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