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contemporary dance for children


21 April, 10.00, 12.00 on stage of Novgorod theatre «Mali»



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A solo choreographed for children starting at age 3 that will delight all those who have stayed young at heart.

Before walking straight ahead, or deciding which direction to take, there is a time when just moving at all is a discovery in itself. Simply to walk turns into  a way to proceed, the aim to achieve to achieve your aim. Still, when each step is uncertain, the distance from one point to another becomes an adven- ture.  Could the path you follow end up being more important than your goal?

ZigZag explores the body and its movement possibilities. Together we dis- cover all sorts of ways of going from one place to another, even the most improbable. We also discover that the movements we make take us through a given space, one that can hold surprises.

All our attention is riveted on the way we go about covering ground; the final outcome turns out to be everything that we have experienced along the way in the process of getting where we are going. Mapping out one’s itinerary, keeping one’s course and skirting around obstacles also means coming up against dead-ends, stumbling, taking a few steps backwards to leap over with greater ease.

ZigZag is an idle stroll, choreographed by making use of all the resources of the imagination in order simply to forge ahead. It is a playful saunter during which intelligence and fantasy join forces to define the rules of the game of the dancer’s comings and goings.

ZigZag was conceived as a solo in order to focus attention on one single hu- man body. It enhances and magnifies movement experiences common to everyone: it is a process of becoming.

Performed more than 1,400 times since its premiere, ZigZag is a Far-Eastinspired wandering about the foot, the leg, walking and dancing. Poetical and delicate, with animated projections.

Choreographers — Fr?d?rike Unger et J?r?me Ferron

Dancer — Emily M?zi?res

Video and Animation — Nicolas Diologent

Lights — Frank Gu?rard

Decor — Etienne David

Costumes — Jennifer Lebrun

Duration – 30 min.

Age – 3+

Fr?d?rike Unger and J?r?me Ferron are dancers, choreographers and artistic directors of ?tantdonn? dance company. They live and work in Rouen. Classical and contemporary trained, in Paris and at Lyons CNSMD, they take part to the diversity of the choreographic creation of the 90’s in France. Fr?d?rike Unger, with the Jeune Ballet de France, Works with Susan Buirge, Claude Brumachon, Murray Louis, Nadine Hernu, and then with Anna Ventura and Luc Petton (Le Guetteur). J?r?me Ferron, within the Roubaix NCC, works with Maryse Delente and Christiane Blaise, and then with Cyril Viallon (Les caryatides dance company) and Thierry Thieu Niang’s company.

In 1997, they found ?tantdonn? dance company. Their first choreography wins 1st Prize at Sens and Pontoise dance contests. In 2010 they win the (Re)connaissance contest with Imago, financed by French National Dance Center and fostered by Micadanses (Paris). The alliance of J?r?me Ferron and Fr?d?rike Unger takes shape in more than 30 choreographic creations – 7 still available on tour. Besides, that double-headed direction, ?tantdonn? follows its ambition of making ideas sensitive through all audiences shows and Young audiences shows. Since Papotages, seminal creation that toured for 11 years, works follow each other. From Opus 1, a 4 hours long piece for 9 dancers about contemplation to Showcase Trilogy, sponsored by Automne en Normandie art fest, or ZigZag and Vassilissa, soli to attend with your family, the diversity of the proposals is total. Another example? Les Noces, given at Rouen Opera, where Fr?d?rike and J?r?me met 28 years ago. From the inner idea to the deep analysis until the achievement of a project, each work of ?tantdonn? dance company is the fruit of the alliance of the two authors. In a very referenced process, with various inspirations, J?r?me Ferron and Fr?d?rike Unger take delight in creating gaps, discrepancies, always keen on questioning the distance between the audience and the work, as did Marcel Duchamp’s Ready-Mades.

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