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culture project "SWISS LOOK"


    With support of ?PRO HELVETIA? foundation
    and General Consulate of Switzerland in Saint-Petersburg

      ?School kids from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, have written stories about wolves. Out of these 120 stories theatre Sgaramusch has chosen 12 to be put together into a story telling program.

        Three Finnish people sit in a lonely hut way out in the Taiga. They have seen wolf traces in the snow. So they start telling each others stories about wolves. More and more they get lost in their story telling and the stories begin to mingle.
        If they ever will get out of their lively telling ? nobody knows.

      • The group was founded 1982 by Urs Beeler in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Since 1997 Nora Vonder M?hll and Stefan Colombo are the new art directors. The aim of the shows is to create worlds and stories in the minds of the spectators. Therefore Sgaramusch has little costumes or scenery. Much of the plot is only told, in a direct language. The actors try to ?do? — or act — as little as is needed thus to let emotions be seeded in the hearts of the audience and let them sprout there?
        Theater Sgaramusch is meanwhile touring with its 30th show. The last 15 plays were all developed by the members of the ensemble and first played in Swiss dialect, before showed also in German and English.

      Directors ? Nora Vonder Muhll, Stefan Colombo
      Actors — Nora Vonder Muhll, Stefan Colombo, Oliver Maurmann
      Music — Oliver Maurmann

      Duration ? 45 min.

      Age ? teenagers and adults

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