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the moments of pleasure


The moments of pleasure, generously collected in this play are comprehensive for children – the joy from miraculous transformations of the soup foam and soup bubbles, which make the real snow, the flow of the wonderful downy swans-pillows or the adventures of the white sugar at the tea parade. “WHITE STORY” – is a course of adventures, which have happened to the very common things. To see the unusual talents of the usual things – is a main intrigue of the white fairy-tales, which are presented by Marina Vikhrova and Tatiana Parfenova, their duet creates the playing area for the object theatre. You can meet the White stories with Tchaikovsky, Bach and Mozart music and to begin the acquaintance with theatre for your child from this performance.


«Charm of the performance that the theatre has decided to play the same way as  the children … Here imagination of spectators more important then dramatic art, one game changes another because one story has bored,  not by a principle of development of the plot, And another story was composed by herself »

Journal “Stage and Screen”

The plot is not the main thing in “White Story”, this is sprint of children’s attention and imagination. Two characters play with usual domestic subjects: there was a foam in mother’s bucket, which became a cloud, then the rain fallin dawn from the clouds to spectators. But the same foam becomes a celebratory cake with candles under the top of foam, and the romantic holiday starts already.   And if you would like to blow on foam – that’s become the  snow with Bach’s music. We are adults and forget all the time, that the children’s imagination could bring subjects alive. It seems to us, that there should be a detailed history, but childhood thinks only about happy moments. White story is  — very exact calculation on a children’s audience which sees in performance the ways of game in life, in their  imagination. »

Journal “Novgorod”

Participant of International Theatre festival (Nanterre, France 2014)

Participant of International Theatre festival «Luaga und Losna» (Feldkirche, Austria 2014)

Touring on stage of Latvian Puppet Theatre (Riga, Latvia 2012)

Participant of International Theatre Fair for children and young people in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Spain) 2012

Participant of International Theatre festival (Eskisehir, Turkey), 2010

Participant of International Theatre festival «Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen» (Ankara, Turkey), 2012

Participant of International Theatre Kigfestival (Velikiy Novgorod), 2009

Special Jury Prize of International Theatre Kigfestival (Velikiy Novgorod), 2009

Participant of Okinawa Theatre festival (Okinawa, Japan), 2008

Participant of International Theatre festival (Parnu, Estonia), October, 2008

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage Designer — Igor Semonov
Light Designer — Larisa Dedukh
Music — Tatiana Bobrova

Marina Vihrova
Tatiana Parfenova

Actor’s assistents:
Anastasia Alexeeva
Elena Fedotova

Duration — 50 min

Age — 3+



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