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illusions of love
Fedor Dostoevsky

A story of two young people, got lost in their own dreams and feelings, arises from actors? improvisation and sketches. Masks appear at the stage together with The Dreamer and Nastenka ? as if making their dreams come true, but staying shadowy and imperceptible. Due the invisible power every performer can try to be both the Dreamer or Nastenka, or Masks. Duality, illusion, anxiety and touching features of the human consciousness, common to F.M. Dostoevsky?s oeuvre, is filled with light and love. The young people, who became viewers of ?White Nights? will see their own age mates, who are also moved by the same problems of the first ironic and sentimental, serious and sad relationships between a man and a woman, between a dream and a reality. In a blink, at one point there disappears the line, which borders the epochs, and the poetical text of XX century gains acute, modern, living tone, refilled with feelings of the youth.

  • Novgorod Academy Drama Theatre named by Dostoevsky, having rich past (leading its records since 1853) and carefully saving its historical traditions, takes strong positions in the modern cultural and spiritual life of the city and the region. Theatre team, consisting of the graduates of the various theatre high schools of the country are in continual creative search, and every year, gaining new successes, they confidently look to the future. There are non-traditional interpretation of the classical drama heritage and modern hits in producing of the leading Russian directors in the stock of their plays. The art director of the theatre ? Sergey Morozov.

Director ? Sergey Morozov
Stage designer — Fyodor Arhipov
Choreographer — Svetlana Safarova
Performers — Michael Zuznev, Alexandra Kohan, Maria Medvedeva, Ludmila Pavlenko, Irina Petchenko, Maksim Polyakov, Anrey Smirnov, Maksim Shumbutov.

Duration ? 1 hour 15 min.

Age? 14+

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