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Nadezhda Alexeeva


Teddy-Bear is a best friend from the childhood. He knows many stories, and like to tell tales. If three bears come together it’ll be three times more tales. Bears like tales about honey, bees, traveling… and about planes. But most favorite bear tale is  a “Three bears”.

«Journey of the bear Mustard through shelves to his soul mate make you remember other tales, where hero overcome danger, shows courage and sagacity. The most touching story is about painted bear who become paper airplane. He traveled around the world, and after many years returned to his author, who become big painter. Sentimentality of the tale is diluted by prankish riding from the pillow-hill of the white bear family and song of the three bears. They hilariously funny tell about their meeting with the thankless girl Masha in R’n’B style. Young artists sing, dance, elusively move from the role of storytellers to object theater. Kristina Mashevskaya’s art of puppetry is particularly impressive. She made a simple toy step a fiery dance full of smallest and expressive movements. At the same time, all three are working harmonious ensemble, with the perfect combination of mysterious overtones by Petr Loiko, boundless boyish good-nature of Alexey Korshunov and girlish slyness of Kristina Mashevskaya».

newspaper «Novgorod»

Idea, director, stage designer — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Music — Tatiana Bobrova

Kristina Mashevskaya
Alexey Korshunov
Petr Loiko

Age — 3+
Duration — 40 min



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