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by Marina Tsvetaeva
Theatre for Children and Youth “Svobodnoe Prostranstvo” (Free Space), Orel


22 April, в 18.00 on stage Novgorod theatre «Mali»

Theatre for Children and Youth “Svobodnoe Prostranstvo” (Free Space), Orel

There were Tears Bigger than Eyes” is a verse line, which Marina Tsvetaeva by her confession had “stolen” from Sonia Golliday, and it became the title of the production after the “Story of Sonia” and poems of 1918-1919. Three men, three Souls, the three Wanderers met in Moscow in winter 1918. And it happened, there was a meeting at the highest (or the deepest) mental and spiritual level. Marina Tsvetaeva told about this Meeting in “The Story of Sonia”. This is an attempt to show and find an expression for the great service, which was the basis of the existence of the story characters. Service to love, faith and duty.

Solo — performance of Valeria Zhilina the leading actress of Orel Theatre “Svobodnoe Prostranstvo”. In just a few years of work in the theatre she has performed a number of leading roles, she was awarded the Prizes of the Russian and international festivals.

Aleksandr Mikhailov: “The Story of Sonia” by Marina Tsvetaeva was written in France in the summer of 1937, after Tsvetaeva learned that in Russia three years before that died actress Sonia Golliday. Marina was a friend of Sonia in Moscow in 1918-1919. The story is written excitedly, in a jiff with great love and affection. All the characters in the story – people connected with the theatre: studio musicians, directors, poets, later became very well-known writers and artists in the USSR, and at that time – just Jura, Pavlik, Eugene Bagrationovich… Sonia Golliday did not become a famous actress, her creative life has not developed although her talent and uniqueness unconditionally accepted and Stanislavsky and Vakhtangov. But that does not make her personality less significant, because her existence by itself and communication with the outside world are priceless”.

Director – Aleksandr Mikhailov

Design – Maria Mikhailova

Performer – Valeriya Zhilina

Duration —  1 hour and 30 min.

Age – 14+

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