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With support of National Cultural Found

  • The duet entitled The Unknown sets an idealized, metaphysical tone edging away from earthly existence. It explores where the road leads us beyond our manifest and invisible encounters, how we can let go of each other, what we drop and what we hold from our intersections left behind. Is the encounter of two spirits predestined, the act of fate or fortune or is it the play of desire and imagination? Is there an otherworld where guarding eyes watch us? Do our vagabond souls continue the journey or do we fade into sheer nothingness? Although inserting a question mark at the end of our constant and recurring questions, The Unknown also takes us on a distant, inner journey, where present dissolves, no imperative to act remains, and gender differences melt. Where silence is the landlord and we are only visitors.
    • Central Europe Dance Theatre celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2009. It?s one of the leader dance companies in Hungary; and its speciality is working with various, young, invited choreographers. The choreographer Éva Duda creates her own dance pieces since 2000; her creative style is dynamic, surprising and organic. She was awarded with a professional state award in March, 2009.

    Choreographer ? Éva Duda
    Performers — Nóra Palcsó and Zoltán Katonka

    Music — Péter Kunert, Alva Noto

    Costume — Andréa T. Haamer

    Light design — Zoltán Fogarasi

    Creative consultant — Petra Máriás

    Duration ? 30 min.

    Age ? 16+

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