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almost real history
Eugeny Schwarz

Every person has shadow, but not everyone is leaves by it. And here it has left. It has left the lovely, kind, nice Scientist and started an independent life from a court yard in king?s palace.
In a network of plots and intrigues, among ministers and greedy servants. It is an almost real story about treachery and friendship. The performance is like a mirror or like a door which shows something that we hide far away, being closed by masks of daily rutine.
Black and white are closely mixed in the performance by Jury Eremin «Shadow». And spectators are left to understand which side to choose — the side of the Shadow or the Scientist.

Director? National Artist of Russia J. Eremin

Stage Designer: The Honoured Artist of Russia V. Fomin

Movements: The Honoured Artist of Tatarstan Republic L. Isakova

2 hours 45 minutes with one interval.

The Russian Youth theatre was founded by the national artist of the USSR, prize-winner of State Award of Russia Natalya Sats, in 1921. The theatre received the name of Central Children’s theatre in 1936, as well as a building in which it has been working till now. The theatre united the most talented, brave and searching persons. In 50-60 M. Knebel, the great theatrical teacher, worked there. At this time A. Efros came in the theatre. G. Tovstonogov staged his first performances in Moscow here. In this theatre O. Efremov and playwright V. Rozov started his way.
Since 1992 the theatre has had the name of the Russian Youth theatre. The theatre experiments with new forms, but doesn?t forget traditions of the Stanislavsky school. The repertoire is based on the literary fairy tales and folklore, on the classics, on the Russian and foreign plays.
The art sincerity is extremely important for the theatre, suggests the art director of the theatre, the national artist of Russia, the prize-winner of the State Award of Russia, the Winner of the Moscow Award Alexey Borodin, who had been heading theatre for 20 years.

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