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Dragoslav Todorovich

The performance, through different puppetry techniques and expressions, deals with the problem of a relation between a puppeteer and a puppet. The thin line between the animator and the animated is being erased and a puppeteer and a puppet exchange roles. A puppet is not only an animated character any more, it gets personality, and on the other hand, a puppeteer loses the same attributes and gets into the position of the animated.
?The Good, the Bad, the Marionette?, one of the etudes of ?Edges?, participated at the international traveling festival ?Petit, Petit, Petit? from Georgia to France. It was performed in Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Corsica, Belgium and France, with great success. ?Edges? participated at the International Karagoz Festival in Bursa (Turkey).

Author — Dragoslav Todorovi?

Puppets, stage design and costumes
Erika Janovi?

Composer— Vladimir Pejkovi?

Assistant director, puppet technology and stringing — Goran Balan?evi?

Light design — Miroslav ?umi?

Consultant for tricks? Igor Trifunov


Lako Nikoli?

Zorana Milo?akovi?

Goran Popovi?

Olga Stankovi? ? additional animation?

The Puppet Theatre «Pinokio» was established in 1972 as the Traveling Theatre «Pinokio». Besides its founder, ?ivomir Jokovi?, this small group that performed across Serbia, at first consisted of three actors: Vera Ignjatovi?, Branislava Stani?i? and Jovan Kova?ev. During the first year Slobodan Herceg, Bo?ko Banjeglav, Nade?da Damjanovi?, Slobodan Aleksi?, etc. joined the Theatre. With the performance Two Tales, performed at the Meeting of Professional Puppet Theatres of Serbia, 13th of September 1972, the Theatre was officially opened. The award for introducing new theatre forms in puppetry, presented to the Theatre, simbolized the recognition of the idea of establishing the traveling puppet theatre. On 1st April 1973 the Theatre changed its name to The Puppet Theatre «Pinokio» and since then has been situated in Zemun. The first performance on the Zemun stage, its present home stage, was Happening at Puppetville, in May 1973. In September the same year, the Theatre went on a tour to Germany with the same performance. Since 1978 «Pinokio» is recognized as one of Belgrade theatres and has been, up until now, the only puppet theatre in Belgrade. The ensamble of actors was formed and the Theatre has since then produced small theatre forms, and big ensamble performances as well. «Pinokio» started gathering many associates — writers, directors, designers, composers, etc. among which were many eminent artists from the country and abroad. On the position of the manager, after ?ivomir Jokovi? who was the manager since the beginning, until his retirement, in 1998 came Igor Bojovi?, a playwright. And Mr. Jokovi? has kept directing at «Pinokio» and has remained its main director.
The repertoire consists of plays based on classical fairy tales, myths, legends and epics from our heritage and modern drama as well. Different puppetry forms and techniques are used, including combination with shadow theatre and live acting. The Theatre has participated at many festivals in the country and abroad (Italy, Greece, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan etc.) and won important awards. The Theatre has over thirty performances on the repertoire and they are performed daily at the home stage and on many guest appearances. The Theatre «Pinokio»comes up with 5 premieres each year and performs around 250 performances annually.

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