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The Diary of a Killer Cat

by book of Anne Fine


If you love cats and adventure, sure that the stories about the cat Tuffy will appeal to you — after all, they have become a real bestseller around the world. British cat Tuffy is ready to honestly talk about cat life and trophies: mice and birds, which for some reason cause horror in adults, in addition, he is the very pet that is adored, tolerated in the family and who is ready to smash your peaceful home. Anne Fine wrote a real «CAT» book with truly British humor. This book is a new hit of the Samokat publishing house, and it is also the first production about Tuffy the cat in Russia.

Translation — Dina Krupskaya

Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Stage designer — Igor Semonov
Light Designer — Larisa Dedukh
Composer — Tatiana Bobrova
Actors — Kristina Mashevskaya,  Alexey Timofeev, Julia Stepanova, Elena Fedotova, Oleg Zverev

Age — 6+
Duration — 35 minutes without intermission




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