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Ekaterina Gorohovskaya


25 April, 12.00  on stage of Novgorod theatre «Mali»


This is a story of the Prince, who lives alone in a castle on the almost uninhabited island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Is it possible that the inhabitants were a Stone Guardian, a Cheerful Brook and a Wise Old Turtle, who are always busy and Prince does not have anyone to play with. But one day a White Bird flies to the island… This begins a magical story about friendship, responsibility, betrayal and love.

» Teach me how to fly » is a story of growing-up experiencing the loss, because only losing a person begins to understand life. When you have everything — you do not feel much, do not know, and do not understand. The play is about faith, assurance and love that leads the main character – Prince – for all his life. “Teach me how to fly” is a paradox. It’s impossible to teach flying, you can only learn yourself. “Exactly as you can’t teach how to live or love…” — says the director Artem Ustinov.

Director — Artem Ustinov
Puppet & stage Designer — Natalia Burnos
Costume designer— Liliya Karsey
Performers — Ramil Ahmerov, Darya Familtseva, Natalia Chilimova, Jeanne Hanzhina, Anton Mironov
Duration —  55 min.

Age – 6+

Nyagan Youth Theater was created on 22 November 1993. It is the only theater of the young spectator in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra. The theatre respects classical traditions, and it’s always ready for new unexpected experiments. There are different performances for all age groups, of different genres, both classical and modern drama on the list of productions. It includes drama, ballads, comedy, melodrama, tragicomedy, farces and fairy tales. Over 20 thousand spectators from Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug visit Nyagan Theater annually. Since Oktober 2014 there is a theatre school for children called “Eidos”. The theatre Manager is Anastasiya Postnikova; the art director is Nikolai Reutov; the director is Anastasiya Startseva.

In 2015 the play «How Equus-Pyris went hunting,» directed by Alexander Savchuk took part in the National Award and Theatre Festival for children “Harlequin» in St. Petersburg. It was presented at the International Theatre Festival 2016 «I am small in 2016, hello! » in Novy Urengoy. In 2016 the play “Can I ask for Nina” based on a short story by Kir Bulychev and directed by Roman Kaganovich was presented at the XII All-Russian theater festival named after Alexander Volodin’s «Five Evenings» in St. Petersburg. In 2016 the theater was awarded the Diploma of the IV All-Russian Festival actor’s song «Almost Belcanto» «Special prize for vocal-plastic solution of the song» actors » Nyagan theater » Nyagan — Tyumen.
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