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Stück mit Flügel/ Piece with a wing/piano

contemporary dance
Anna Huber, Susanna Huber


    annahuber.compagnie supported by Kultur Stadt Bern, Amt für Kultur des Kantons Bern, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council

      Stück mit Flügel/ Piece with a wing/piano
      questions the simultaneity of different time levels. It
      investigates the condition of being on one?s way. It is a journey between
      different places and conditions. It outlines the necessity of having
      to let go again and again in order to move on as well as the desire
      to keep hold of fleeting moments of seeming constancy. It oscillates
      between restlessness and standstill, between destabilization and the
      search for orientation. Being on one?s way in different spaces of time.
      Anna Huber works for the first time with existing compositions and
      creates a complex weave of sound and movement in cooperation with
      the pianist Susanne Huber. The fleeting nature of contemporary dance confronts the structured compositions of György Ligeti, György Kurtág and Franz Liszt and contrasts
      with the electronic compositions by Martin Schütz.

      • After her dance studies in Zurich Anna Huber worked with different choreographers and directors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. She began with her own choreographic research while still a dancer at the Cottbus State Theatre. She has created solo, duets and group pieces with performers from across the world. Her latest solo Eine Frage der Zeit was created in collaboration with the musician Martin Schütz and premiered in 2008 in Bern, Switzerland. In her work she has been developing her own artistic language characterized by clarity, accuracy and intensity. Anna Huber tours internationally with her pieces and critics have declared her to be one of the most remarkable choreographers working in Europe. Susanne Huber has performed extensively as a soloist, in chamber music and as a vocal accompanist particularly in contemporary music. She has a number of world premieres to her credit. In 2001 she conceived ?Stück mit Flügel? along with her sister, Anna Huber, and since then they have been touring internationally with this production.

          Concept/choreography/dance ? Anna Huber
          Piano/musical concept — Susanne Huber
          Music — György Kurtág, György Ligeti, Franz Liszt
          Electronic music — Martin Schütz
          Light design — Thilo Reuther
          Costume — Inge Zysk
          Performers: — Anna Huber, Susanne Huber

          Duration ? 50 min

          Age ? 16+

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