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tragic story of three Chinese Female SPIRITS with similar destinies, performed by Male Chinese Opera Actors
Koh Teng Liang

supported by National Arts Council Singapore

    A tragic story of three Chinese Female SPIRITS with similar destinies, performed by Male Chinese Opera Actors. Despised and condemned, branded as ?Yao Jing? (Evil Spirits), these women are victims or heroines in the China history. This gripping drama revisits the tragic stories of three infamous Chinese beauties whose tragic lives intertwined with the destinies of various Chinese Empires. Did these historical beauties transform into venomous serpents and hence causing the downfall of empires or are their stories mere tragedies brought about by lust, desire and foolishness? SPIRITS dissect the life stories of three Chinese women as well as their inner emotions during their most abhorred rejections from the societies. Three Nan Hua Dan (Female Impersonators) will perform three kinds of Chinese operas ? Yue Opera, Jing Opera and Li Yuan Opera in one staging. The female protagonists written in the play are Bao Shi (Zhou Dynasty), Lu Hou (Han Dynasty) and Yu Xuan Ji (Tang Dynasty). SPIRITS, an assembly of Chinese legendary fables to reflect the dark side of human nature and the irresponsibility of written history; a play to share a few untold truths.

  • Toy Factory Productions Ltd is a Singapore based artistic enterprise devoted to creating multi-disciplinary performing arts.
    Established in July 1990, it has participated in creative exchanges in Japan, Egypt, China, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.
    In Singapore, it is one of the main theatre groups which constantly redefines the local artistic boundaries, contributing to the development of Singapore?s cultural scene. It is recognized through the awarding of 12 Life! Theatre Awards and 3 national awards for its Artistic Directors. Toy Factory was also awarded Best Theatre Group 2007 by Singapore?s Tatler magazine.
    A non-profit charity organization, Toy Factory is committed to producing provocative, emotionally stirring and visually exciting productions. Its productions reflect the team belief that art is an ever-evolving playing field, necessary for all youths and those young at heart. Creativity is the toy which rejuvenates the minds of the future. We firmly exercise this philosophy in our creation of the arts.


    Director ? Goh Boon Teck

    Stage designer ? Goh Boon Teck

    Music director ? Saidah Binte Rastam

    Performers — Lin Jia, Qin Zhan Bao, Aw-Yeong Peng Mun, Gordon Choy, Bai Yin Wen

    Musicians — Timothy O?Dwyer, Lin Ying Fong, Zhuang Hai Ning

    Lighting Designer — Tommy Wong Chi Keung

    Production Manager — Foo Mei Ling

    Producer — Justin Wong

    Duration ? 1 hour

    Age -16+

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