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monologue for an actress and a saxophone
Based on the biographical novel ?Sabina? by Karsten Alnaes, stage version by Liv Hege Nylund


    With support of ?PRO HELVETIA? foundation
    and General Consulate of Switzerland in Saint-Petersburg

      S. Freud, C.G.Jung and M. Klein used her ideas, the Nazis took her life.
      The Russian-Jewish psychiatrist SABINA SPIELREIN (1885-1942) patient of C.G. Jung lived through the great European tragedies of the first half of the 20th Century. Du-ring the course of her dramatic biography she moved from her childhood home — Rostow on the Don — to Zurich, Vienna, Berlin. Back to Rostow during the world war II she was killed by the Nazis. In 1904, she became a patient of C.G. Jung in the mental hospital Burghlzli in Zurich. After her cure she studied medicine in Zurich and became a psychoanalyst who worked intensively for children. She corresponded with Freud and became member of the Viennese Society of Psychoanalysts
      1923 she returned to Moscow and was one of the best trained psychoanalyst of the Sowjetunion. She was part of the management of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the government. The psychoanalyse got persecuted by the russian regime and destroyed her professional life. ?Sabina Spielrein? is the story of an extraordinary women.

      • The monodrama, written by the Norwegian Liv Hege Nylund, has received a new name in
        Zurich: Graziella Rossi.
        The nearly 50 year old Swiss actress has the strength of the twenty years old Jewish girl, who
        was brought to Burgh?lzli (Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Zurich) for a year from Rostov
        in 1904. There she got to know C.G. Jung (the psychiatrist), fell in love with him, and in the
        end received a doctor_s degree at the University of Zurich. She had the girlishness of a 16 year
        old, which the death of her little sister had silenced. She had the maturity of an acknowledged
        scientist. She was the first woman member of Freud_s Psychoanalytical Society in Vienna. She
        was killed together with her two daughters by the SS-Special Commando 10a in Rostov in 1942

      Director ? Klaus Henner Russius
      Actors — Graziella Rossi, Rapahel Camenisch
      Music, Saxophon — Rapahel Camenisch

      Duration ? 90 min.

      Age ? adults

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