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after ?The Play without Name?
?nton Chekhov

?Platonov. III act? — the performance after the play ?Fatherlessness? (?The Play without Name?), written by Anton Chekhov at 19, but revealed only in 20 years after the writer?s death. The play, where you can feel notes of the future ?Cherry Orchard?, ?The Gull?, ?Ivanov?. The play, where Chekhov-Playwright comes from. ..He is a country teacher Platonov, a smart and noble Don Juan, who has outrun the line and lost himself, betrayed his wife and friend, made a mash on every woman all around, but being in love with a single one? In love, indeed?! Before your very eyes, at your arm?s length, when it?s impossible to lie or be dishonest, a human life will pass. A soul rushes, human lusts and emotions seethe, kindness and evil mix up, tragedies and treacheries occur. And then there comes a merciless awareness of a sleepy, worthless life: ?The life is gone!?

  • Russian State Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT) is the first theatre for children, and currently the single federal theatre for youth in the country. It?s situated in the very centre of Moscow — at the Theatre Square, close to Bolshoj and Malyi Theatres. Russian Academic Youth Theatre (ex. Central Children Theatre) was founded in 1921 by Natalya Sats, who became the first art director of the theatre. Since 1980 RAMT is headed by People?s Artist of Russia, the price winner of the State Award of Russian Federation, the price winner of Moscow Award, the price winner of the International Award of K.S. Stanislavskiy ? Alexey BORODIN.
    Today RAMT is a theatre for every age. There are plays after works of Evgeniy Kluev and Wasiliy Sigaryov, Eugeniy Schwarz and Alexander Volodin, Alfred de Musse and Tennessy Williams, Stendhal and Jan Annuy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Anton Chehov at the Theatre?s repertory. RAMT was the first in Russia to release Tom?s Stoppard trilogy ?The Coast of Utopia? and the first in the world theatre practice to release the first three parts of play simultaneously. RAMT?s theatre group is considered to be one of the youngest and best one in Moscow. Petr Krasilov, Nelly Uvarova, Alexander Ustugov, Ilya Isaev and lot more RAmT?s actors constantly become the price winners of the various competitions and prestige awards.

Director ? Alexander Doronin
Stage designer: Liliya Baisheva
Music composer: Ilya Isaev
Performers: Performers: Ilya Isaev, Ramil Iskander, Taras Epifantsev, Andrey Sipin, Natalya Chernyavskaya, Ulyana Urvantseva, Oleg Zima.

Duration ? 1 hour 20 min.

Age ? 16+

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