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monoplay for adults
By Lewis Carroll

Monoperformance for adults based on Lewis Carroll?s Alice in Wonderland. The young debutant of Lensovet stage, Aliona Barkova, together with the director of the performance has found the whole theatre inside of Lewis Carroll’s well-known story — with numerous characters and lines of action. The story, invented by the authors of the performance is set in Hyde Park, where a charming Miss invites us, spectators, for a picnic after a tiresome excursion around London. The guide speaks perfect English, periodically inserting carefully pronounced Russian words. But as soon as the story about » national property » of England, a fairy tale about Alice and her magic adventures begins — Russian becomes a native language for a charming English girl. Two worlds of Carroll’s fairy tale and two languages of the monoperformance of actress Aliona Barkova are, thus, artistically rhymed. Surprising metamorphosises occur in front of the spectators?eyes — prudish English Miss turns into brisk Alice. In a few seconds the Rabbit is already fussing on the stage, the Cheshire cat is waltzing around, the Caterpillar is smoking hookah, and the March hare is jumping. The characters of a fairy tale communicate, argue; the plot moves excitingly and cheerfully, masterly played by the actress by means of perfected plasticity and fine knowledge of the language culture. At the performance spectators learn a lot about English culture, English humour; in general, they will sense what this phenomenon — an Englishman is. It is never late at any age to gain the happy childhood ? this is what the theatre convinces us of — by the performance. The production is intended for adult spectators.

  • The St.-Petersburg academic Lensovet theatre began its history from November, 19th, 1933. More than the 70-years history of the theatre has entered many remarkable pages in the theatrical annals of Petersburg. Outstanding directors and artists worked here: Boris Sushkevich, Boris Zon, Nikolay Akimov. For nearly 40 years the theatre has been headed by the remarkable actor and director, the national actor of the USSR and Russia Igor Vladimirov. The whole epoch of the theatrical history of the city is connected with its name, its performances have become a legend, its musical elements fascinated spectators.

    Today the Lensovet Theatre is one of the most favourite theatres of Petersburgers. The tablet » All tickets are sold » traditionally hangs on a window of the cash department of the theatre. The ?sold out? notices, applauses, flowers and a festive atmosphere are not only at opening nights, but practically at all performances of the repertoire. During the period from 1996 to 2006 the theatre was headed by Vladislav Pazi. Being the person of the highest culture, subtle artist, talented director, carefully keeping traditions of the theatre, he has expanded creative opportunities of the troupe. In the poster there appeared names of fine authors, such as V. Nabokov, N. Berberova, A.Kamju, Buchner, S.Bekket, M. Kundera, B.Shaw, E. E. Schmitt, S.Mrozhek, G.Ibsen. The performances of the theatre became participants of the most prestigious Russian and foreign festivals. Among their awards are the higher theatrical professional awards » Gold Spotlights » and «Gold Mask «. A tour map of the theatre includes not only Russia, but also France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Czech. The unique actor’s ensemble was formed in the theatre, in opinion of theatrical critics — one of the best in Petersburg. The actors of the theatre, among which there are such well-known names as Sergey Migitsko, Simeon Strugachev, Larissa Luppian, Anna Kovalchuk, constantly act in films and appear on TV. Lensovet constantly cooperates with leading directors of the country. There are two stages at the theatre: greater (an auditorium for 607 places) and smaller (an auditorium for 167 places).

Director— Jury Vasiliev
Artist — Maria Bryantseva

Choreography — Jury Vasilkov

Author of composition and performer ? Alena Barkova

Duration ? 1 h. 15 min.

Age ? for all spectators

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