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24 April, 18.30 on stage of Philharmonic Hall

with the support of WBI and F?d?ration Wallonie-Bruxelles



Passing the door, an old couple find themselves in an improbable place, condemned to endure ist rules. Musics and sounds turn each of their moves into a cha-cha-cha, a tango, or a waltz with clown-like aspects. Refreshed, and increasingly vigorous, they will for the time of the dance, recapture their lost youth. An ultimate love encounter they leave us as a legacy.
Marked by freedom and jubilation, Los Yayos is a wordless show that explores the complexity of human and love relations, and the complicity of two beings, that can last a whole lifetime.
Stemming from a true urge to cross ages and genres, Los Yayos lists two old people’s everyday moments, on both clowning and choreographic modes. Just as a life story, it can be told to a public of any age, and of course to a public of children from age 6.

Writing, stage design — Isabelle Verlaine Defaux, Miguel Camino Fueyo and Pierre Richards
Stage director —  Pierre Richards
Musical compositions  — Josselin Moinet
Costumes — Catherine Somers
Stage lighting and construction —  Guy Th?rache
Video — Boris Olivier, Edith
Music mixing, mastering — Chris Devleeschouwer
Technical assistance —  Dominique Guns
Complicity — G?rard Corbion
Performers — Isabelle Verlaine Defaux, Miguel Camino Fueyo, Josselin Moinet (musician)
Stage manager and sound effects— Mehdi Missoumi

Special Mention of the Jury for transcending daily life
(Rencontres de Th??tre Jeune Public — Youth Audience Theatre Encounters — Huy 2009)

Duration —  50 min.

Age –6+

In 2016, la Casquette celebrating its thirty three years and its 32 productions stemming from a creative theatre proposed by an artistic team who for the most part trained under Lassaad Saidi, former artistic associate of Jacques Lecoq. The school he runs in Brussels for the past 30 years directs his teaching to a theatre of actor-creators based on movement, the art of mastering the body and play.

The Compagnie de la Casquette conceives diverse productions that seek to awaken not only the sensitivity, the humour, and the imagination of the viewer but also his view, his critical approach to the complexity of the world and human relationships. Even if sometimes it tackles difficult topics, so-called sensitive issues, the company conducts its work at a distance from any overall objective or teaching goal.

Touring is mainly concentrated in the school system, where children of all backgrounds can have equal access to culture. The company produces family programming for all age groups that makes the theatre a place for different generations to come together. Its belief is that in this setting, in front of an open-plan stage, such work makes the most sense — it can have the greatest impact and the best resonance with the viewer.

To date, Compagnie de la Casquette played over 4,000 performances in Belgium and abroad (France, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Canada, The Netherlands, Luxembourg). It has received many awards and prizes. The activities of the company, also consist of courses: training courses for professionals, workshops for adults or children, in which artists, guests or members of the company, convey their experience (technical clowning, movement, mask, writing, dance …).

Caravanes, organised since 2007 by the current permanent artistic team (Miguel Camino, Gerard Corbion, Luc Devreese and Isabelle Verlaine) still exists today: experimental and festive artistic meetings open to the general public. Finally, and not to be overlooked, the company is constantly supporting the work of companies and artists of all walks, notably by providing them with work space. Such residencies enable numerous encounters and often bear collaborative fruit.

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