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Michail Zoshenko


Lelya And Minka — brother and sister, icecream lovers, inventors, meanies and daring travelers. Sometimes they argue, but much more often they are having merry adventures at home and at the garden together. Many years later as adults they still stay best friends. Together with our little viewers they shall return to their childhood years to once again feel the joy of a real friendship and made up sorrows.

Onstage «Lelya and Minka» are modern, sincere and very affectionate. This is a rare example of a real family play. You must definitely watch it and share this great theatrical experience with the kids.


Nadezhda Alekseeva created a really joyful and openhearted play — a harmonious and slender romance of life made for children. Some stories from Lelya and Minka’s life may sound really funny for the children watching the play. Because in every story something laughable happens with Lelya and Minka. They may disobey their parents, unwrapping and eating the Christmas gifts. Then they may sell the guests galoshes to the Ragpicker. Lelya will tell she ate a billiard ball, and her parents will have to treat and soothe her. Their adventures are lively and really funny. But the most important thing is their urge to prove that it’s very important to be a really good person.


Director — Nadezhda Alexeeva
Designers — Nadezhda Alexeeva, Oxana Nemolochnova
Music — Tatiana Bobrova
Light designer — Larisa Deduch


Elena Fedotova
Oleg Zverev
Julia Stepanova

Age — 6+

Duration – 45 minutes without an intermission




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