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Ballade about Minotaur
Fridrich Durrenmatt

The history of the monster — prisoner in a mirror labyrinth and hero Theseus, who killed Minotaur is closely plaited with the bloody string of Ariadne — a history full of despair, loneliness and eternal death of the outstanding person. The novel of famous Swiss classic F. Durrenmatt has been never staged before. The theatre carried out the Russian — Swiss project in 2004.

The head of the project? N. Alexeeva
Director ? C. Tissot (Switzerland)
Set Designer ? M. Bovy (Switzerland)
Choreography ? E. Fedorova

Duration of performance — 1 hour.

Novgorod theatre for children and youth ?Mali? has celebrated the 15-anniversary in 2005. Theatre ?Mali? is a member of the International association of theatres for children and youth (ASSITEJ). The theatre released 68 performances for children and youth. Being guided in the repertoire on the world classics theatre represented on stage plays by Pushkin, Gogol, Shakespeare, Hoffmann, Durrenmatt. Directors from Saint Petersburg, France, Switzerland staged in the theatre. ?Mali? took part in 21 international theatrical festivals of Russia and Europe; sixteen times the theatre was the winner and received Grand prix. The Theatre ?Mali? created the International theatrical festival «King-fairy tale», which was visited by more than sixty theatres from different places of Russia and Europe.

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