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puppet performance
by Sergej Kozlov

The director Maris Korstins has summarized five hedgehog stories written by Russian writer Sergej Kozlov, maintaining literary material of high- quality. Costume designer Ilze Vitolina, sculptor Marga Austruma and music composer Ungars Savickis have helped the director to maintain the author?s gentle, lyrically softened with good humor, point of view of ethical values in child perception. The adults in their lives also are longing for the true friends presence.
The hedgehog is an image, where author has put every child?s or adult?s lyrical spirit of the dreamer ? he can see with heart if not with eyes. Absolutely common things he feels as something significant and priceless. In dusky evenings hedgehog likes to visit the teddy-bear. Then they both are sitting on the tiny beam, drinking tea and watching the star- sprinkled sky. Teddy-bear speaks, but hedgehog is thinking about how beautiful are stars in heaven, about how did they get in the pool and about how is the horse, all alone numbed with cold, thick fog.
With the performance we have visited Warsaw, Poland(2004)- The Festival of Puppet Theatres for New States of European Union and The festival ?Nord Baltic? in Liepaja, Latvia (2004).

  • Latvia Puppet theatre started it’s activity in 1944. The theatre participated in many festivals, receiving a lot of rewards for the best stagings, puppets, mast hood of actors and for puppet moving technique. Already in late 40-ties romantic puppets of Anna Nollendorfa were awarded the silver medal at the World Puppet Exhibition in Brussels. On the theatre’s active repertoire there are more than 30 works of world’s and Latvian classics, contemporary dramatists and writers. There are Latvian and Russian troupes with 17 actors: Laila Kirmuska, Santa Didzus, Silvija Bitere, Dace Vitola, Audra Sidlauska, Dana Lace, Evita Klimaviciusa, Baiba Geke, Peteris Sogolovs, Janis Kirmuska, , Edgars Lipors, Olga Larina, Lilija Suna, Nadezda Bahvalova, Lev Birman, Vladimir Grigorjev, Mihail Linev and 2 artistic directors: Vija Bluzma and Maris Koristins. The performances take place in the small and in the big auditoriums simultaneously. Like special projects different concert-shows, special festivals, specific performances for families are organized. Every Saturday and Sunday, as well as during school holidays almost every day children are welcome to see the world of puppet art. For successful development of the artistic activities, the theatre, it uses traditionally characteristic means of expression in combination with contemporary staging principles.

Director ? Maris Korstins
Costumes designed — Ilze Vitolina
Music composed — Ungars Savickis
Actors ? Vladimirs Grigorjevs, Olga Larina, Lilija Suna, Janis Kirmushka, Laila Kirmushka,Peteris Shogolovs


Duration ? 1 h. 10 min.

Age — from 5 years

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