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Ko Sun Duck


    Gamoonjang is a story of the life of an independent woman. Gamoonjang discovers ‘a universe inside me’ in an authoritative traditional society and lights up the

    world. As a mythical female figure who carves out her own fortune, Gamoonjang encourages and inspires us who live in the real world.

    Through the image of Gamoonjang overcoming all sorts of difficulties and winning her fortune, after which she shares everything with others, the play Gamoonjang seeks for a life of giving and loving. The rice cake offered to Heaven and Earth, to her parents and neighbors, is an emblem of one’s hope for peace and coexistence.

    In the Story, two beggars has three girls. the third one, GAMOONJANG, is kicked away from her father for the belief of her own womb that gives power to her life.

    She comes over all ordeals by her self and meets tree root brothers in the mountain, who eats tree root only. She serves cooked rice to tree root brothers and

    proposes to the last of tree root brothers. The couple are kicked away again and cultivate field by their owns. Finally they celebrate of a good harvest share rice

    cakes with everyone.
    BST was invited to perform Gamoonjang at the Okinawa International Festival for Young Audience of 2005 in Japan and the International Children and Youth Theater Festival (Shone Aussicht) of 2006 in Germany.

    • THE YOUTH DRAMA MAJORED PROFESSIONAL GROUP BST COMPANY believes that children learn juice of life through their own dramatic plays. Also, seeks for the culture in which the whole family can participate. BoukSaeTong was first formed in 2002 by members of Theatre for the Young majors in the School of Drama, Korean National University of Arts and it has been a theatre company that shares theatre games and performances with children and teenagers in Korea. BST?s start point of all its projects is based on the fact that children learn the most important things of life through drama and theatre. Thus, BST — encourages children to experience creative drama in art. — enables children to witness theatre performance as the extended process of creative drama. -experiments various Korean legends and traditional games to meet creative drama with theatre performance.

    Director ? Nam In Woo
    Stage designer — Kang Jung Hwa
    Visual art director — Lee Hyun Ji
    Actors ? Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Seung Eon

    Musicians — Kong Kyung Jin, Kim So Ree


    Duration ? 60 min.

    Age — from 5 years

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