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Games for children?s men or for adult?s children for children and adults
Evgeniy Kluev

In » FAIRY TALES FOR ANY EVENT» subjects and insects, things and animals come to life and talk. Here it is possible to plunge into the AQUARIUM, to fly up in the SKY, to meet a DREAM coming true and, what is the most important, to be convinced that the Life can be a Fascinating journey! Or it can be ? a usual tea-drinking. Seeing, plunging, flying up, travelling, learning and thinking ? you can do anything provided that you are able to imagine and ready to dream with us. And you are certainly expected TO PLAY together with us!

  • The Russian Youth Theatre was founded by the National actress of the USSR, the winner of the State Awards of the USSR, Natalia Sats in 1921. It received the name of The Central Children’s theatre in 1936, together with a premise in which it has existed till now. The Central Children’s Theatre attracted the most talented, courageous, seeking, people. M.O.Knebel who taught a galaxy of remarkable actors and directors worked there in 50-s and 60-s. At that time A. Efros came here. Tovstonogov produced here his first performances in Moscow. At this theatre O.Efremov began his career and a new playwright V. Rozov came into being.
    Since 1992 the theatre has had the name The Russian Youth Theatre.
    The theatre experiments with new forms, not forgetting Stanislavsky?s traditions.
    The repertoire is made up from literary fairy tales and folklore, native and foreign classics, and, of course, from modern drama. According to the art director of the theatre, the national actor of Russia, the winner of the State Award of Russia, the Winner of the premium of Moscow Alexey Borodin, who has headed the collective for more than 25 years, an extremely important point for the theater is artistic sincerity.

Director ? Vladimir Bogatirev
Stage designer — Lilila Baisheva
Music composed — Rezo Chirinashvili
Actors ?Tatiana Veselkina, Taras Epifansev, Vera Zotova, Alexey Mishakov, Sergey Pechenkin, Vitaliy Timashkov, Uliana Urvanseva


Duration ? 1 h. 55 min.

Age — from 10 years old

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