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contemporary dance
in the cooperation of Hungarian Art of Movement Company and Central Europe Dance Theatre

With support of Hungary Ministry of culture and Hungarian Culture Center in Moscow

    ?Cain?s murderous rage hasn?t ceased yet after so many thousands of years. The fratricide proceeds. It?s much the same as the scriptural stories demonstrated at the beginning of history. Only the weapons have changed. The fraternal animosity remained the same.?
    (Lip?t Szondi: Cain, the law-breaker)

      At the Festival of the Dance ? the III. National Contemporary Festival of Arts in Veszprem (May 24-27, 2006), the Hungarian Art of Movement Company?s Cain-Abel performance ?made in cooperation with the Central European Dance Theater ? got the special prize of the photograph artists.
      Alternative Theater Review in Szeged — (July 17-23, 2006 ? Thealter International)
      Best Duo Performance: Istvan Palosi and Mark Fenyves (Hungarian Art of Movement Company and Central European Dance Theater) in Cain-Abel.
      The performance was shown 33 times in Hungary at the last 1 year and also invited to Warsawa and Prague to show it.

    • The company — under the name 1 More Movement Theatre — was founded in September 1995 under the leadership of Mark Fenyves and Istvan Palosi. The first work, «Desire Variations», was premiered in MU Theatre, Budapest, in 1998.
      They are the authentic representatives of the almost hundred-year-old modern dance traditions of Hungary (usually refered to as «art of movement»). Though the schools of this early trend were banned after 1948, the style and spirit have survived and could be renewed in the early nineties. This theatre the only company that has consistently and practically endeavoured to resurrect and continue these traditions.

      Their artistic and creative work is backed up by extensive theoretical and research work. Their organisation, the Orkesztika Foundation fosters Valeria Dienes’ heritage (her movement theory and artistic works).

      The members of the new generation of contemporary, creative artists go beyond mere reproduction, and their activity represents the continuation between past and present.

      It is their main purpose to preserve the traditions of Hungarian modern dance, namely art of movement, and to continue teaching it according to up-to-date expectations. Dance for them is more than just «technique», so they teach more than just a set technique but a style and spirit coplying with the teachers’ individual methods. Their way of thinking relies on one of the basic art-of-movement principles, namely to help students find their own individuality in stage language, in dance through their own personalities.

      Aiming at «collective arts» 1 More Movement Theatre is heading towards forming an organic unity of be dancer, of musicality and visuality. This is supposed to become a special form of expression based on harmony. It is a free styled theatre with its members reshaping its image from time to time. The company is exclusively concerned with movement reflecting expression and is not dedicated to any specific school.
      The company draws upon the Hungarian modern dance traditions, mingled with a contemporary way of individual thinking. This combination results in a unique classico-modern style of dance and represents a specifically new Hungarian callisthenic movements.
      The «In Memoriam Dienes Valeria» performance which was made on the 120th anniversary of the birth of Valeria Dienes (1879-1978) was awarded the first prize on the 6th Alternative Theatrical Festival in 2000, as well as the special «Dance Festival Prize» of the III. National Contemporary Total Art Festival in Veszprem.

      The dance performance entitled «Without Wings» was given the audience award at the 7th Alternative Theatrical Festival.
      Upon the decision of the international jury of Pro Helvetia the performance was invited — being the only representative of Hungary — to the 2001 Theatrical Festival in Krakow (Poland).
      The «Variations — (Daffodils and Echos)» dance performance won the 8th Alternative Theatrical Festival’s audience award in 2002.
      The Repertory of the company: the company’s own creations, reconstruction of classical ‘art of movement’ pieces (since 2001), performing artists and choreographers have been requested to create pieces especially for the company (since 2002).
      Since 2001 the company agmented by new members.
      The company’s name changed from 1 More Movement Theatre to Hungarian Art of Movement Company since 2006.

    Director -choreographer ? Csaba Horvath
    Artists — Mark Fenyves, Istvan Palosi
    Performers ? Mark Fenyves, Istvan Palosi

    Music — Kondas Zoltan

    Duration ? 40 min.

    Age — adults

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