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The first presenting of the play took place approximately 440 BC. Thebes, 452BC. The war has just finished. Both successors to the throne, brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, fighting against each other, have died. Their uncle Creon comes to the power. He claims a new order in the State, and from that moment piece can not be broken due to the personal interests. Though his niece Antiguan is now in his path?

  • The founder of ?Theatre of Generations? ? Zinoviy Korogodsky ? is a famous theatre director, schoolmaster, people?s artist of Russia, and winner of International Award of K.S.Stanislavskiy, owner of the special Award ?Golden Spot? for the unique contribution to the theatrical education, professor, and founder of internationally famous theatrical school.
    Since 2005 a new period has started in life of ?Theatre of Generations?. Danila Zinovyevich Korogodsky has become its leader. From his play ?Without Lear? after W. Shakespeare?s play ?King Lear? a job for the total renewal of the theatre repertoire starts. And in 2006 the theatre changes it?s address ? it moves to the heart of the city ? Petropavlovsky Fort, where a unique theatre area is created among deserted rooms. Russian and foreign directors are engaged to work in the theatre. There are both classical and modern plays produced. The theatre takes part in festivals either in Russia (Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg) or abroad (Serbia, Switzerland). For almost 3 years there creates a repertoire of nine new plays. The Theatre of Generations is the theatre, directed to the viewers not currying flavor with them, the Theatre that belongs to the national tradition, but open for the world, the Theatre, ready for experiments not for reclaim, but for the search of new contents and forms, which indeed correspond with our time.

Director-producer(Germany) ? Eberhard Koehler
Assistant of the Director: Valentin Levitsky
Scenography and costumes: Danila Korogodsky
Costumes? execution: Nika Velegzganinova
Scenery execution (USA) : Jeff Eisenmann
Choreographer (Switzerland) : Irina Kanabonna
Performers: Smirnova Svetlana, Dunaeva Anna, Mardar Sergey, Nekrilova Vokoria, Polyakova Elena, Shilov Artem, Postnikov Vladimir, Chuev Alexey, Beketov Stepan

Duration ? 2 hours

Age ? 16+

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