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story by Debora Di Gilio and Tiziana Valentini

venue: Novgorod Philharmonic hall

    From south to north, from the countryside to the city, from the olive fields to the factory, from the sun to the fog, AngiOlina NerOliva tries to escape her destiny already drawn for a woman from the south of Italy. Under the strict supervision of her brothers et under the friendly eye of the ‘nonna Concetta»; her grand-mother, she will meet the blue collar world and abuse of power, love and deception. Will love be the winner? That is still a mystery!
    A travel told and sung, from one part to another of after-war Italy…

    • Theatre company ? Quelle histoire!? promotes the cultures of the world through creation, production and development of artistic and cultural activities in France and around the world.

        Director ? Debora Di Gilio
        Music composer ? Italian traditional music and originals compositions from Tiziana Valentini
        Choreographer ? Debora Di Gilio with the complicity of Amalia Modica
        Roles and actors — Debora Di Gilio, storyteller, Tiziana Valentini, singer and musician

        Duration ? 1 hour 10 minutes

        Age ? 14+

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