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Bielefeld City Theatre, Germany
Mary W. Shelley, dramaturgy Elisa Hempel


9 October, 16.00-00.00 ONLINE

Mary W. Shelley, dramaturgy Elisa Hempel

«FRANKENSTEIN» by Bielefeld City Theatre, Germany

performance on German language with Russian subtitles

Subtitles translation — Tatiana Luppova

The ambitious medical student Viktor Frankenstein refuses to accept the boundaries of human existence. Using corpses and alchemy he sets to work on creating his own creature. And as a matter of fact: during a stormy night in Ingolstadt, his creation springs to life. Totally frightened by this the scientist flees from the monster, abandoning it to its fate. The confused creature, desperately looking for acceptance and affection, can only provoke devastation and chaos wherever it turns. To overcome its loneliness the creature tracks down his creator and issues an ultimatum: either Frankenstein creates him a companion or the monster will inflict upon him many times his own suffering. Viktor Frankenstein has to make a decision…

Mary Shelley’s narrative is among the most famous works in world literature. Not only has the figure of Frankenstein’s monster become anchored in cultural history but the questions associated with it too, like the responsibility of science, parental negligence, the fear for strangers, the nature of good and evil, and the eternal wish for immortality make the novel a timeless masterpiece.


Author – Mary W. Shelley

Dramaturgy – Elisa Hempel

Director – Hajo Tuschy and Jacob Suske

Set designer – Maria Strauch

Costume designer – Maria Strauch

Composer – Jacob Suske

Cast – Brit Dehler, Leona Grundig, Simon Heinle, Janis Kuhnt

 DURATION – 90 min.




ABOUT THEATRE: As Bühnen und Orchester der Stadt Bielefeld the Theater Bielefeld and the Bielefelder Philharmoniker perform in eight venues in three houses: Stadttheater, Theater am Alten Markt (TAM) and Rudolf-Oetker-Halle. With around 3.200 seats in total, they represent one of the largest cultural institutions in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The three departments – Musiktheater, Tanz and Schauspiel – as well as the Orchester and the Konzerthaus are directed by Michael Heicks (artistic director) and Ilona Hannemann (administrative director).


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