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Open meeting (presentations of international festivals)

OPEN MEETING of international festivals directors

13 April, 09.00 conference hall, hotel “SADKO”

14 April, 16.00 conference hall, hotel “SADKO”

How to create international theatre festival and holds the new audience, what happens on field of TYA in Europe and  what’s about our common festival future? International Thetare Kingfestival presents most interesting speakers with festival expirience for discussion and presentations of their ideas and festivals. 


Estelle Derquenne, general coordinator of Scenes D’Enfance-ASSITEJ France presents TYA France

Lilia Lipora, Festival Eju Meklet, Latvia ASSITEJ

Toomas Tross, President ASSITEJ Estonia

Giovanna Palmieri, President ASSITEJ Italy

Cristina Cazzola, Artistic director Segni d’infanzia Associazione, Italy

Jolita Balandyte, general manager of Art Printing House, Festival KITOKS, Lithuania



Marina Medkova, Secretary General of ASSITEJ Russia, head of deparment of Theatre Union of Russian Federation, Moscow

Manon Van de Water, ASSITEJ EC Board Member, Vilas-Phipps Distinguished Achievement Professor,  College of Letters and Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Lola Lara, Director of TEATRALIA| International theatre festival for young audience, Madrid, Spain

Jaume Gomila, Theatre Fair for Children and Young People in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Spain)

Sook Hee Kim, ASSITEJ Korea, artistic director of Winter and Summer festivals for young audience, Seoul, Korea

Jee Young Bang, President ASSITEJ Korea, Seoul, Korea

Woellgens Sabine, Theatre festival for Children and Young People, Luagua und Losna, Nenzing, Feldkirche, Austria

Pietro Fenati, artistic director of Artebebe festival, Ravenna, Italy

Annika Land-Reisser, Head of Projects and International Relations / Festival Manager NuQ Treff  festival Tallinn, Estonia

Taavi Tonisson, director, actor, NuQ Treff  festival Tallinn, Estonia

Svetlana Lavretsova, director of international festival «Rainbow»,  St.Petersburg

Maria Neymark, international programmer of international festival «Rainbow»,  St.Petersburg

Marina Shimadina, expert and programmer «Children’s Weekend» of National Award «Golden Mask» Moscow

Marina Raikina, programmer of Theatre festival for Children and Young People ‘Gavroche» Moscow

Tereza Durova, artistic director of Theatre festival for Children and Young People ‘Gavroche» Moscow


Julia Kleiman, programmer of «ACCESS POINT» Summer Art Festival, St.Petersburg

Tatiana Kuzovchikova, programmer of BTK fest, St.Petersburg

Natalya Sergeevskaya, programmer of BTK fest, St.Petersburg








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